2999 Lady of Legend

Photo by Didcot Railway Centre on Twitter

The Saint has passed a milestone on its way to completion, with the long-mooted roll-out in BR black for photographers finally taking place over November 17th and 18th. Lady of Legend was rolled out with the identity of 2908 Lady of Quality on one side and 2983 Redgauntlet (a locomotive that never in fact made it to BR ownership, being withdrawn in 1946) on the other.

The locomotive is now having its final fittings applied, and will undergo steam testing still in its black livery. It will then be repainted in Edwardian GWR lined green livery for its official launch over the weekend of April 5th to 7th. This will be a running weekend at Didcot, and tickets are available now for purchase. The press release does not state explicitly that 2999 itself will be in steam.

Announcement of official launch, and tickets for sale

Black Saint weekend – 15 November (Facebook)

Dual identity Saint makes its public debut at Didcot – 3 December (Railway Magazine)

The newly designed crest for The Unknown Warrior

5551 The Unknown Warrior
The centenary of the Armstice proved, as expected, a highlight of the Patriot project’s year. On November 10th, the locomotive’s newly designed crest (required following the Royal British Legion’s withdrawal of support last year, after a major governance failure on its part) was unveiled by Simon Weston CBE. The Unknown Warrior was on display at Crewe Heritage Centre throughout the weekend, with its boiler trial fitted, and decorated with poppies and wreaths on the Sunday.

Photos of progress on lubrication system at Crewe – 15 December (Facebook)

Footage of unveiling ceremony – 17 November (Facebook)

Boiler arriving back at HBSS after trial fitting – 13 November (HBSS, Facebook)

Crest unveiled – 12 November

Remembrance at Crewe – 11 November (Facebook)

Boiler move from Huyton to Crewe – 10 November (HBSS, Facebook)

First photos of 5551 with boiler trial fitted – 10 November (Facebook)

LMS smokebox numberplate fitted – 9 November (Facebook)

Pumpkin lantern, appropriately (and impressively) carved – 31 October (Facebook)

Video of chassis being moved at Crewe – 31 October (Facebook)

Chassis at Crewe, prior to boiler trial fitting – 30 October (Facebook)

Photos of 5551 leaving Llangollen – 29 October (Facebook)

Photos of pipework being installed – 18 October (Facebook)

60163 Tornado
Tornado is currently part-way through its first ever season of Santa Specials, at the Nene Valley Railway. This follows the announcement on October 30th that Tornado would be withdrawn from traffic (ie not return to the main line) for the rest of 2018, to complete the final elements of repair and also the recertification process. Scheduled works to its support coach have also been subject to delay.

In response to the year’s events, the A1 Trust has launched the I ♥ 60163 Appeal, to cover the elements of repair costs not covered by insurance. It has also published considerable in-depth information about the findings of its investigations into the cause of the failure earlier this year. Four likely contributory factors have been identified, none likely to have caused the failure on its own, but damaging in combination. Modifications and new inspection measures have been implemented in response.

New engineering and operations appointments – 12 December

[Miniature] Tornado back at Darlington Locomotive Works! – 16 November

‘The White Rose’ – Saturday 27th April 2019 – 8 November

Tornado update 4 – 7 November

Winter storm expected in Peterborough! – 5 November

Repair situation – a statement – 30 October

October repair update – 29 October [contains extensive details of investigation findings]

New appeal launched for Tornado – 18 October

2007 Prince of Wales
Fundraising for 2007 has now passed the half-way point, with £2.5 million donated, £3.1 million pledged and just over £2 million spent. The first components for the cylinder block – castings for the three cylinder covers – have now been delivered, while design work to continues convert the original monobloc casting to a welded fabrication. Graeme Bunker-Jones and David Elliott visited Meiningen in October to finalise the scope of the order for the update of design work on the boiler, to incorporate modifications made during the ten years of Tornado’s operation. A meeting has been held with a potential boiler builder in the UK. The successful ‘Audience with the Prince of Wales’ roadshows have been confirmed to continue throughout 2019.

The Motion Club steams past 100 members! – 9 December

Final roadshow of 2018, in Leeds – 8 December (Twitter)

Virtual tour of Darlington Locomotive Works updates – 27 November (Twitter)
(direct link)

Buy the power of steam this Christmas – 20 November

An audience with the Prince of Wales: 2019 Roadshow dates – 16 November

Project to build Gresley class P2 No. 2007 Prince of Wales has raised 50% of its £5m target – 14 November

First components for cylinder block delivered – 29 October

Mikado Messenger 49 – November (PDF)

Mikado Messenger 48 – October (PDF)

The Communication Cord – November (PDF)

6880 Betton Grange

Betton Grange’s boiler being lowered into place for its trial fitting. Photo by Betton Grange Society.

Work on Betton Grange’s boiler continues apace at Tyseley, with a trial fitting having taken place, including fitting of the front tube plate and firebox.

Boiler trial fitted – 4 December

Boiler front taper section – 6 November

Preparation of parts for delivery to Tyseley -1 November (Facebook)

Latest news from Tyseley – 23 October

1014 County of Glamorgan
Reports from the 1014 project continue to strike a more upbeat note. The Boiler Club had got nearly half-way to its target of £125,000 by November, and Heritage Boiler Steam Services have been given the go-ahead to assemble the two coned barrel sections and fit the barrel to the restored firebox in early 2019. Components for the smokebox have been ordered, with delivery and assembly expected before Christmas. Overall, about a third of the money required to complete the project has now been raised.

December news update – 2 December

November news update – 27 November

3840 County of Montgomery
The frames for County of Montgomery were cut on November 13th at TATA Steel. Fundraising continues for them to be shot-blasted, painted, drilled and machined.

Frames cut – 13 November

Video of frames being cut (1) – 13 November (Facebook)

Video of frames being cut (2) – 13 November (Facebook)

Photos of frames being cut – 13 November (Facebook)

61673 Spirit of Sandringham
All of the components for 61673’s static chassis are now on-site at Llangollen. A visit in November by the project’s accredited independent assessment authority, Ricardo Rail, and its principal consultants, scrutinised its processes for engineering design and control, procurement, manufacturing control and non-conformance management. Everything was found to be in order, and a second visit is planned for when the chassis is near completion and the torque tightening of fasteners is undertaken.

Construction progress

GER 789
The frames of 789 have been shot blasted and sealed with a protective coat, and are due to be temporarily bolted to the motion bracket once it has been machined. They will then be transported to Tyseley for final assembly.

Engineering news – 16 November

Engineering news – 23 October

GCR 567
The assembled frames of 567 were unveiled at the Supporters Day at Ruddington on September 15th. Meanwhile, a draft specification for the locomotive’s new boiler has been developed – a much simpler component, being round-topped and saturated, rather than superheated, than the boiler on many new builds of more modern locomotives.

Latest news

Main Line, winter 2018 (PDF)

Newsletter 30 (PDF)

3MT 82045
The water tanks for 82045 have now been delivered to Bridgnorth and are being stored for the time being on a well wagon. Riveting sessions have attached numerous further components to the chassis, and the brake shaft is now in place under the cab.

News – November

News – October

72010 Hengist
Assembly of Hengist’s frames is underway, the machining of the final stretchers having been completed in November. Manufacture of smaller parts and ongoing design and engineering work continue at the same time – the engineering team had its 52nd formal meeting earlier this month.

Latest news

Further components that require machining – November

Smokebox saddle temporarily removed – 28 November (Facebook)

Components machined and ready for assembly – 6 November (Facebook)

Discussion of work to unpick a problem with bogie lubrication – 2 December (National Preservation)

2013 Prince George
The handrail has now been welded and installed on the smokebox, and the group continues with its programme of meeting with supporters. The shell of the boiler is being designed, possibly to be the next component put on order.

Latest news 

61662 Manchester United
Work has resumed on the Footballer, focusing on the driving wheel splashers and crinoline bands for the boiler cladding.

News update – December (PDF)

News update – November (PDF)

News update – October (PDF)

35011 General Steam Navigation
Negotiations are underway with a potential new restoration base for 35011. If these are successful, an immediate appeal to raise £7,000 towards the costs of the move will be launched. A long term loan has also been negotiated for original items including a Smiths speedometer and four electric lamps, to be used on 35011 when it is operational

Latest news

Progress on Klinger valves – 15 December (Twitter)

Off topic
Although outside this site’s regular scope, the following two items may be of interest to readers.

In the States, the PRR T1 Trust has published its Fall newsletter, with news on work towards building the frames and boiler, and also the recovery of a component from one of the original locomotives – another aspect of new build projects evidently not unique to the UK.

Finally, this BBC News package showcases the £250,000 recreation of a Fowler B6 Big Road Lion Locomotive, Talisman, which will be driven from Cumbria to Shropshire next year. With thanks to reader Clive Shergold for drawing it to our attention.

Happy Christmas
That brings us to the end of another year, in which numerous standard gauge new builds have turned wheels… but none under their own power. The wait seems certain to end in 2019. For now though, New Build Steam would like to wish every reader a happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous new year.