V4 3403
The V4 project has now entered its pre-launch stage, with a new company formed, and a couple of further acquisitions as oppportunity has permitted: over 500 original drawings have been acquired from Malcolm Barlow, the Doncaster scrap dealer who launched the Gresley V4 Society in 1994, and who was also the source for the tyres obtained earlier this year. New tender spring hooks have also been ordered, piggy-backing on an order by Network Rail, which is refurbishing the snow ploughs that it retains in use, built on ex-LNER tenders from scrap-bound locomotives in the 1960s. The National Railway Museum gave more detail about NR’s request for the original Gresley drawings in a blog post earlier this year.

Image issued by A1SLT.

First new components ordered for the new V4 by the A1SLT – 10 October

V4 design reaches pre-launch stage – 6 September

5551 The Unknown Warrior
The difficulties with contractors and organisational relationships that have afflicted the Patriot project arose again this month, when the Llangollen Railway announced on Facebook that it would not be undertaking any further work on 5551 The Unknown Warrior beyond its current contracts.

The statement said: “We have taken the decision not to tender for any further work in regards to the LMS Patriot Company, Llangollen Railway has a full order book and is therefore unable to meet with the very tight time scale requirements of the project.” As things stand, it appears that after the locomotive’s departure from Llangollen for Crewe to have its trial boiler fitting, it will not subsequently be returning.

The project’s Chairman stated in the May newsletter (now publicly available, though it was visible to members only at the time of the last New Build Steam update) that they had, “identified elements of overcharging and inefficiencies from our contractors at Llangollen which effectively stopped work for six months, this has led to a serious loss of confidence in them on our part.”

Talks were subsequently being held with Llangollen’s newly appointed Chief Engineer, with a target for chassis completion of August 31st. It’s not clear how the announcement of Llangollen’s withdrawal from future work relates to those earlier developments, but it seems notable that it has come from Llangollen rather than being an announcement about next steps from the project. Shortly after the announcement from Llangollen, the Patriot project indicated on the National Preservation forum that Ian Riley, Tyseley and PRCLT are interested in bidding to complete 5551 The Unknown Warrior after its departure from Llangollen.

However, work has continued on both the boiler and the chassis, with plenty of updates from both the project and HBSS, which has now moved to a new base at Huyton, near Liverpool.

Picture of boiler and firebox united – 12 October (National Preservation forum)

Opportunity to view The Unknown Warrior on November 10th and 11th at Crewe Heritage Centre, with boiler trial fitted – 11 October (Facebook)

Progress on the lubrication system – 8 October (National Preservation forum)

Llangollen Railway Engineering will not be undertaking further work on The Unknown Warrior – 4 October (Llangollen Railway, Facebook)

Further information on contractor situation – 4 October (National Preservation)

Work commences on fitting tubeplate to barrel angle ring – 21 September (HBSS, Facebook)

5551 tubeplate and smokebox arriving at HBSS headquarters – 12 September (HBSS Facebook)

‘Rails and Remembrance’ Exhibition Opens at Crewe Heritage Centre – 5 September

5551 in the works – 3 September (HBSS, Facebook)

5551 and 2623 have arrived at HBSS headquarters – 3 September (HBSS, Facebook)

5551 boiler leaving the West Shed – 3 September (HBSS, Facebook)

Engineering update, July – 2 September

HBSS announces new premises – 18 August (HBSS, Facebook)

Copper firebox trial fitted – 7 August (HBSS, Facebook)

Inner Firebox Trial Fitted – 6 August

The Warrior #37 – May 2018 (initially available only to project members)

2999 Lady of Legend
The nearly complete Saint was briefly moved into the open a Didcot in August. There has been no indication of when it will steam, and New Build Steam has been unsuccessful in contacting the project group – if any reader has any information on the tantalising prospect of the locomotive’s first moves under its own power, it will be gratefully received in the comments below!

Lady of Legend in the open – 8 August (Facebook)

2007 Prince of Wales
The milestones keep coming for Prince of Wales. With all wheels now fitted, a main line, standard gauge Mikado exists in the UK for the first time since 1945. [EDIT: see the comments for a correction of this point.] Delivery of the first batch of motion parts is expected before the end of the year, while a £50,000 order has been placed with DB Meiningen for design work on the boiler (this is separate from the tender to construct the boiler, for which a preferred supplier is due to be selected by the end of this year).

There are still two P2 roadshows to go this year, on November 3rd in Manchester and December 8th in Leeds.

Video – 2007’s first move out of Darlington Locomotive Works (not under its own power!)

Order placed with DB Meiningen for boiler design work – 8 October

State of the art measurement system usd to accelerate construction of Britain’s most powerful team locomotive – 20 September

We have a Mikado! – 18 September

The Motion Club passes the £100,000 mark – 14 September

The Boiler Club passes the two-thirds mark – 11 September

Electrical equipment order confirmed – 8 September

Mikado Messenger August 2018 (PDF)

Mikado Messenger September 2018 (PDF)

Video – become a P2 Covenantor

60163 Tornado
Tornado is back in action, having operated both running-in turns and service trains at the Nene Valley Railway in September. However, with repairs and recertification still to complete, its main line tours have been postponed, up to and including the ‘Auld Reekie’ planned for October 7th. Its next planned outing is from Linlithgow and Edinburgh Waverley to York via Carlisle on November 3rd.

Tornado at the Nene Valley Railway during her repairs. Photo by New Build Steam.

A1SLT Annual Convention – 13 October (Twitter)

Extreme Cake Makers – 27 September (Twitter)

‘Tornado 10’ at the Nene Valley Railway – 22 September (Twitter, includes short video)

Repair update – 20 September

Mileage accumulation at the Nene Valley Railway – 14 September (Twitter, includes short video)

‘The Aberdonian’ – new programme of trains for 2019 – 12 September

Repair update – 11 August

Tornado’s tender purchased – 6 August

Tornado celebrates her birthday in style – 3 August

Tornado Telegraph September 2018 (PDF)

Tornado Telegraph August 2018 (PDF)

Tenth anniversary of Tornado’s first public steaming – 1 August (Twitter)

Extreme Cake Makers – programme available on All4 until late October

1014 County of Glamorgan
The boiler for County of Glamorgan is now at Heritage Boiler Steam Services for assembly. A quarter of the estimated £125,000 needed for this work has been raised. Additionally, the project has both a new website and a new webmaster to look after it.

News update – 9 October

Boiler arrives at HBSS -12 September (HBSS, Facebook)

Introducing the new webmaster – 20 August

3840 County of Montgomery
Fundraising has been launched for the frames of the 4-4-0 County, and a ‘generous’ offer of sponsorship has been received for the nameplates.

Nameplate mock-up – 4 October (Facebook)

Pattern for coupled wheels inspected – 3 October (Facebook)

100 Hundreds appeal launched – 12 September

6880 Betton Grange
Betton Grange continues to push towards the finishing post, on both the locomotive – particularly the firebox – at Tyseley, and the tender at Llangollen.

AGM weekend – 14 October

Smokebox fitted – 29 September (Facebook)

Painting begins on the tender – 19 September (Facebook)

Machining the drain cock mechanism – 10 September (Facebok)

Preparing for a wheel drop at Tyseley – 1 September (Facebook)

Progress at Tyseley – 15 August

2013 Prince George
A permanent display about 2013 at the Crewe Heritage Centre is reportedly in the works. Meanwhile, the handrail and lamp sockets have had further work done on them.

News updates, August onwards (all one page)

Lamp socket castings machined – 19 August (Facebook)

Paul Hibberd gave a talk on the project at the Severn Valley Railway in Kidderminster; also, 3D image of boiler design work – 21 July (Facebook)

GCR 567
Work contnues on 567’s frames, and the ongoing appeal for support has just 17 seats left available for the locomotive’s inaugural train. Details are in the news section of the project’s website (no separate items provided), and photos have recently been added to the New Build Flickr pool.

News updates (all one page)

Frames being machined earlier in the year – 30 September (Twitter)

GER 789
Work on the F5 continues to work towards the assembly of the frames, which will take place at Tyseley.

Engineering update – 11 October

Frame plates to be despatched for CNC machining – 1 September

61662 Manchester United
Work on 61662 was halted in July while team members concentrated on other projects. News updates for August and September looked at historical matters relating to the project and to Manchester United Football Club, but the July update did provide some information on progress.

Work completed on left side splashers – 2 October (Facebook)

News update – July (PDF)

8783 Phoenix
The Claud Hamilton group has published details of its planned specification for the locomotive, including details of improvement to the design based on developments on other designs.

Their Q+A with New Build Steam was published in August.

G5 1759
Coupling rods delivered – 4 August (Facebook)

2001 Cock o’the North
The announcement of a crowdfunding push by the Doncaster P2 group has shed more light on its financial plans. A target has been set for £20,000, which Alan Archer clarified in a Facebook comment is an initial tranche, aimed at funding frame stretchers, and not the intended cost of the entire locomotive, as the page might be read to suggest! At the time of writing, only two donations have been pledged, to the tune of £105. Comments on the Facebook announcement queried progress to date, drew a contrast between the pace of progress on 2001 and 2007, and highlighted some continuing confusion about existence of the two projects. Bizarrely, a country and western concert in Doncaster was also recently advertised on the group’s Facebook page, without any apparent connection to the project.

Crowdfunding page set up – 25 September (Facebook)

32424 Beachy Head
An update on the Brighton Atlantic was posted in September, including photos of the boiler and tender chassis being moved out of Atlantic House. Work has also restarted on the tender. In a separate update, the group confirms that further fundraising is still required to see the project through to completion.

Latest news, including September update

35011 General Steam Navigation
The new trailing truck spring beams are progressing well – the first new examples of the component being made since the Merchant Navies were in service. An original Bulleid electric lamp has also been obtained for use on the locomotive, and wired up to be operational; it can be seen on the group’s stand at future events.

News update – 30 September

Working party at Sellindge – 28 September (Twitter)

Trailing truck spring beams completed – 23 September (Twitter)

Spring beams coming along nicely – 11 September (Twitter)

Machining the new axlebox covers – 8 September (Twitter)

News update – 7 September

Work on the spring beams – 17 August (Twitter)

Cab labels in production – 3 August (Twitter)

News update – 28 July

Video of Bulleid lamp

2MT 82030
This summer’s edition of the Bluebell Standard brings a significant update on 82030, with plenty of photos. The chassis has been re-wheeled, and the poly-shed erected for future work. The lubrication system and pipe runs have also been a focus of work.

The Bluebell Standard #25 – Summer 2018 (PDF)

3MT 82045
The fiftieth anniversary has been reached of the scrapping of the last of the original 3MT tank engines – September’s news update outlines the story of how they eluded preservation, and features the last photograph of any member of the class, just before it was cut up. On their new classmate, progress continues in many areas of the build.

News update – September

News update – August

News update – July

72010 Hengist
The machining of the cast steel frame stretchers has been a substantial focus of work on the Clan recently. Additionally, the group’s AGM has been held, and its storage container moved as part of a wider reorganisation at CTL Seal in Sheffield. To signify its construction in Sheffield, a 19A shed plate – for Sheffield Grimesthorpe – has been obtained.

Container move – 9 October (Flickr)

News items (all on one page)

Rough schedule for frame assembly – 9 September (National Preservation)

In Australia, the V499 project (‘twinned’ with the Claud Hamilton here) has told New Build Steam that its locomotive will also be named Pheonix. The project’s Facebook page gives the latest on the project, where work has recently moved from the smokebox to the chimney base.

In the world of diesel new builds, the LMS 10000 project has issued a video that, at over six minutes, is effectively a mini documentary about the original ‘twins’ as well as the project to recreate one of them.