Snow settles on 82045’s smokebox at Bridgnorth. Photo by Tony Massau.

Welcome to the first news round-up of the year. This is also the first round-up in a new format: below you will find links to the key stories from new build projects since the last update, enabling readers to see key news at a glance and go direct to further detail where they want it, rather than pick it out of continuous prose as before. We will continue to work with this new format for the next few round-ups, and then evaluate whether to stick with it, return to the old approach, or try something else entirely.

The rest of our content will be unchanged, with a mixture of features and Q+As planned throughout 2018, as we approach a period in which numerous locomotives are likely to be completed in relatively quick succession.

The links are presented in reverse chronological order, point to each group’s website unless stated, and will automatically open in a new tab on most browsers.

60163 Tornado
A1SLT receives two Heritage Railway Association awards – Twitter, February 10

Road in Darlington named after Tornado –, February 8

January winter maintenance update – January 12

A1SLT assists with casting of new cylinder block for 60532 Blue Peter – Icons of Steam, January 19

V4 3403
First components acquired for new Gresley class V4 – A1LST, January 29

2007 Prince of Wales
Component design and assembly progress – February 7

Assistant Engineer appointed at Darlington Locomotive Works – January 31; also February 9

Mikado Messenger – January 31

Animated gif of 2007 Prince of Wales – Twitter, January 24

Prince of Wales’s frames trial lifted in preparation for wheeling – January 23

Cylinder block appeal reaches two thirds of its target – January 11

Prince of Wales ready for wheeling in spring 2018 – January 7

Final combined frame stay in place – December 25 2017

Roller bearings pressed onto crank axle – December 14 2017

61662 Manchester United
Right-hand running plate under construction – Facebook, 8 February

News update, January 2018 (PDF)

News update, December 2017 (PDF)

F5 789
Motion bracket casting – January 8

GCR 567
December 2017 newsletter (PDF)

8783 Phoenix
CAD images – Facebook, December 24 2017

35011 General Steam Navigation
2018 AGM – January 10

Nameplates and news update – December 30 2017

3MT 82045
News round-up, January 2018

News round-up and end of year review, December 2017

72010 Hengist
Project overview – February 5

‘Genesis appeal’ to fund mainframe assembly – January 26 2018

News update, January 2018

Frame assembly begins – January 5

News update, December 18 2017

5551 The Unknown Warrior
Pictures of progress on the boiler – Facebook, January 27 , January 22

Review of the year by the Chairman, David Bradshaw – December 31 2017

Engineering update, majoring on the boiler – December 22 2017

35011 General Steam Navigation

News update, January 31

6880 Betton Grange

Photo by the Betton Grange Society

Cylinder draincocks fitted – February 9

Progress on boiler work at Tyseley – January 13

1014 County of Glamorgan
Progress report, December 2017

GWR 38xx ‘County’ 4-4-0
Great Western Society project to build a ‘County’ 4-4-0 handed over to new independent group – The Railway Magazine, 6 February