This article takes a look at the opportunities that exist for you to have a new build locomotive of your own – at scale, of course. There certainly seems to have been some influence by the new build movement on model makers, with models available for purchase of several classes that surely would have been considered too obscure to merit such a treatment a decade or more ago.

Inevitably this is a non-exhaustive run-down. Hopefully it gives a fair overview of models currently available, but further information is invited in the comments about both items available to buy now, and models previously on sale but now discontinued, which are necessarily harder to research.

The models listed here aren’t reviewed and inclusion isn’t a recommendation – the intention is solely to give an idea of what models are currently on the market of classes being given the new build treatment.

Numerous classes appear not to be available in model form at all. Among current projects, the LNER D7 (GCR 567, as under construction) and F5, and LNWR Bloomer and George the Fifth appear to lack models. The GWR steam railmotor is also unrepresented (although numerous manufacturers offer model autocoaches), as is the West Somerset Railway’s GWR small-boilered mogul. Of planned future projects, only the LNER V4 currently appears unavailable. For all the above, information on any models we’ve missed will be gratefully received in the comments; for other classes, read on…

LNER Peppercorn class A1

David Andrews A1 kit, as assembled.

Unsurprisingly, there is considerable choice of A1 models – some of Tornado, some of original A1s; and some taking detail from original locomotives, others from Tornado as it operates today.

Hornby has produced OO scale models of Tornado in all its livery variations. Currently its ‘Railroad’ apple green model and a Pullman set featuring 60163 in Brunswick green remain available.

Bachmann has also offered an OO scale Tornado (compared with Hornby’s in this article), and their Branchline range currently offers 60117 in BR apple green and 60122 Curlew in BR blue.

For OO modellers who prefer to build from a kit, one is available from DJH.

In N scale, Bachmann’s Graham Farish range offers Tornado in early BR green and BR blue.

In O scale, A1s have been produced in ready-to-run form from DJH (in BR blue or green), and in kit form from both David Andrews and Right Price Railways.

LNER class P2

Hornby P2, photo by Graham Taylor
‘Ungainly’ – DJH A2/2, photo by Tony Wright

There are a few options for OO scale modellers keen to own a P2: a ‘Railroad’ range 2001 Cock o’the North is due for release this October from Hornby (presenting the locomotive in original form as per 2007 Prince of Wales, not the fully streamlined form that the Doncaster group intends their Cock o’the North to take) and as a kit from PDK. Proscale also offer a model, but no pictures or further details are available on their website.

Curiously, the ‘ungainly’ A2/2 rebuild of the P2s has attracted more modelling attention. DJH offers both an OO scale kit and an O scale ready-to-run model, while PDK offer a kit for OO / EM scale (individual models do not have entries / webpages on PDK’s site, so individual links are not provided below – the prior link will however take you to their website).

LNER class B17

N-scale B17 by Dapol

B17s have been available in model form for many years, and Hornby’s OO model currently offers a wide range of permutations: 2864 Liverpool, LNER apple green; 61665 Leicester City, early BR green; 61619 Welbeck Abbey, early BR green; 2842 Kilverstone Hall, LNER apple green; 61631 Serlby Hall, early emblem BR green; and 61646 Gilwell Park, BR green, early crest. Also in OO, DPK offer an outline kit (no wheels or motor).

Larger and smaller B17s can also be found. In O scale, there is a ready-to-run option from DJH, in either LNER or BR green livieries; while they also offer a ‘Piercy’ kit.

In N scale, Dapol offer substantial choice, with two variations each in LNER apple green, LNER wartime black and early crest BR green.


Piercy V3 kit by DJH

While a V3 is a couple of projects down the line for the A1 Trust, there are already numerous models on offer. Bachmann’s Branchline range offers 67646 in later emblem BR black, and 67690 with the early emblem.

There are also choices for O scale modellers, with LNER green and BR black ready-to-run models from DJH, and DJH also offering a V3 as one of their ‘Piercy’ kits.

LNER class D16/2 (GER class H88) ‘Claud Hamilton’ / ‘Super Claud’

Hornby Claud Hamilton

For Claud Hamilton fans, the only models available appear to be in OO scale. Hornby offers LNER apple green (8900) and LNER black (8802) variants, while there is also an outline kit from PDK.

NER class O / LNER class G5


The G5 is another class for which there are multiple models available, but only in one scale – in this case, O. ACE offer ready-to-run models in seemingly every possible variant, while DJH also offer ready-to-run choices with only a slightly smaller variation. DJH also make O-scale kits available.

GWR ‘County’ class
All of the GWR 4-6-0 projects have classmates represented in model form, though the number of options available varies greatly from class to class. There appears to be only one model County available: Hornby’s Railroad version of 1016 County of Hants, in BR green with early crest.

County, by Hornby

GWR ‘Saint’ Class

DJH Saint

For the Saint, again the choices are limited to one manufacturer and scale – DJH and O scale – but both ‘Piercy’ kits and ready-to run versions are available

GWR ‘Grange’ class

Grange by Dapol

Numerous model Granges are available to buy. Hornby offer two options in OO, both on sale from February 2018: 6860 Aberporth Grange in GWR green and 6800 Llanvair Grange in later BR green .

Dapol offer N-scale Granges, with two variations each in GWR green, BR early crest green, BR early crest lined black and BR early crest unlined black, BR early crest green and BR later crest green.

GWR 47xx class

David Andrews 47xx

Heljan seem to be keen on models of 2-8-0 classes, and have numerous OO scale Night Owls available for pre-order, in what seems to be very nearly the full range of liveries they wore in service. DPK also offer an outline kit for OO scale. An O-scale kit is also available from David Andrews.

LMS ‘Patriot’ class
For Patriots, there are two options in each of O and OO scales. David Andrews offers an O scale kit, while there are ready to run options from Lee Marsh Models (as used to showcase the options in the membership vote to choose the first livery worn by 5551 The Unknown Warrior.

Bachmann offer two OO scale Branchline models: 5530 Sir Frank Ree, in LMS crimson lake and 45528 Giggleswick, in BR green with late crest.

From Hornby, there is an OO scale Railroad model of 45518 Bradshaw, in BR green with early crest.

LMS class 4P 2-6-4T

Fowler tank kit by David Andrews

Like the LNER V3, the Fowler tank is a planned new build already represented in model form. David Andrews offers an O-scale kit, while Hornby has an OO gauge model of 42334, in late BR black.

London, Brighton and South Coast Railway class H2
There are a couple of options for Brighton Atlantic models, albeit only in OO scale. Bachmann have OO scale Branchline models of 2426 St Alban’s Head, in SR green, and 32424 Beachy Head, in early BR lined black.

Kit modellers keen to have a go at a Brighton Atlantic can obtain the necessary from DJH. Curiously, none of the manufacturers appear to have put photographs of their models online.

Southern Railway class 21C1 / ‘Merchant Navy’ (unrebuilt)

Hornby’s unrebuilt Merchant Navy model, from their ‘in development’ blog.

Unrebuilt Merchant Navies have proved fairly popular among manufacturers. Hornby has produced an OO version of 35028 Holland Afrika Line in BR green, albeit currently shown as sold out on its website.

Outline kits are also available from PDK.

In N-scale, four variants are available from Bachmann’s Graham Farish range: 35024 East Asiatic Company in BR Blue, 35023 Holland-Afrika Line in BR Green, 35028 Clan Line in BR green (late crest) and 35021 New Zealand Line in BR Malachite.

BR Standard Class 2MT 2-6-2T
DJH offer both kits and ready-to-run O scale models of the Standard Class 2 tank, the latter in any of lined and unlined BR black and push-pull and non-push-pull versions.

BR Standard Class 3MT 2-6-0
DJH are also a strong bet for those looking for a model Standard Class 3 2-6-0, offering both OO scale kits and O-scale ready to run models. An outline kit is also available from PDK.

BR Standard Class 3MT 2-6-2T

Bachmann 3MT

The Standard Class 3 tank engine is another well represented new build class in modelling, being available from multiple manufacturers and across all three main scales. There are Graham Farish N scale models from Bachmann, of 82029 in BR black and 82020 in BR green (both late crest), while the same company’s OO Branchline scale offers the same variant of 82020, plus 82021 in black. Still in OO, DJH offer a kit, although anyone interested should note that it will be discontinued once sold out.

BR Standard Class 6 (6P5F) ‘Clan’ Pacific

DJH Clan Pacific model

Fans of Clan Pacifics need to turn to DJH, but will find plenty of choice there: they offer kits for both OO and O scale, and a hand-built, ready-to-run model to the larger scale.

All photos by the manufacturer, unless stated. Featured DJH A1 image by Tony Wright.