Readers of New Build Steam have voted the sole GWR Pacific, The Great Bear, as their choice of Fantasy New Build.
great_bearIn the run-off between The Great Bear and 5AT, the final results were:
The Great Bear – 51%
5AT – 49%.

It was therefore an extremely close contest – the aim of a run-off poll was to produce a clear-cut winner, which has only just been achieved. That said, The Great Bear was in the lead throughout the initial poll and for most of the second one.

In total, 387 votes were cast in the poll, slightly down from the 494 votes cast in the first round of voting – from comments, this was almost certainly down to some readers not feeling enthused by either option. Given that the variety of the first poll offered something for (nearly) everyone in a way that a two-option run-off couldn’t, this drop-off was probably inevitable.

None of this makes a new Great Bear any more likely to be built, of course – the exercise was just a bit of fun for the Christmas and new year period. We may revisit the idea of a Fantasy New Build, in a different form, in the future.