72010 Hengist

The above video shows the Clan’s frame plates being profiled. The horn guides are due to be welded into them in January, when the final combined stretcher is also due to be cast.

Holden F5
The decision has been taken to outshop the F5 as GER number 789 in Prussian blue livery, rather than as BR number 67218 as previously reported. The project’s status is clarified in this magazine article, linked to but not expanded on by the group’s website: the shift to Tyseley has arisen from the group being given notice to quit the Mangapps Farm Railway Museum owing to a need to undertake building work there and a perception on the part of the museum’s owner that the project was not making good progress.

The move from Mangapps needs to happen by the end of March. The article also outlines that the components already in existence for the locomotive include the frame plates, buffer beams, bunker, smokebox and chimney. The total cost for completing the locomotive is estimated at a perhaps surprisingly modest £550,000.

45551 The Unknown Warrior 
Following the Patriot’s exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham, the opportunity has been taken to move it to Tyseley for the fitting of its axleboxes. It is expected to remain at Tyseley until late January.

On return to Llangollen, the locomotive will have its inside cylinder fitted, the second casting for which will be machined in January. Other items due to completion in Q1 of 2014 are the fitting and machining of the outside motion brackets and boiler support brackets. The bogie will be assembled at Tyseley, with all parts for it now sourced bar the second wheelset which is expected to be delivered from an 8F.

60163 Tornado
The A1 Trust has given an indication of its future plans for operating Tornado on the main line, following the decision of tour promoter Steam Dreams to switch to West Coast Rail, which will not operate the A1, as its train operating company. The Trust will be promoting a limited number of tours itself, starting with a run of The White Rose from London to York and return on April 12th.

Meanwhile, the locomotive is undergoing its winter maintenance programme at Barrow Hill [not Tyseley as originally stated – thanks to Ray Temple for pointing out the mistake in the comments]. The cab and various systems within it have been removed and work started on removing cladding ahead of the boiler repairs. Numerous other items for repair have been noted, and a problem found with the bolts under the cladding having rusted in place – they will be greased when work is completed and the locomotive reassembled, to prevent the same problem occurring.

More details, including photos, are available on the Trust’s website.

3MT 82045
Wheels and axleboxes open the latest update on the 3MT tank: the wheels are at Buckfastleigh for fitting of axles, then tyres and crankpins; the axleboxes are being machined at Bridgnorth. Casting of the first cylinder is due early in 2014, as is the commencement of riveting on the rear of the chassis, for which preparation has been ongoing.

6880 Betton Grange
The Grange is now a 4-6-0, following the return of the bogie from the West Somerset Railway’s Wilton workshop and its positioning under the locomotive. An appeal to fund the acquisition of the cylinders will be launched in the new year.

LNWR George the Fifth
The George the Fifth Trust has acquired a Simplex vacuum gauge for fitting to the locomotive. The gauge was almost certainly fitted to an ex-LNWR good engine still in service with British Railways, such as a Super D, but is identical to those used on the George the Fifths. Its manufacturer, Budenberg, survives and still trades in Irlam, Greater Manchester, so the Trust is optimistic of securing a service for the item.

Maunsell L1
Another of the periodic emergences of a new group online has occurred, this time with the stated aim of building a Maunsell L1. As usual, this venture will not be brought into the group of projects this site regularly reports on unless and until it becomes clear that its efforts go beyond the virtual world. So far, the website and Facebook page have featured encouragement to spread the word and promises of website updates, but no details of the project’s substance.

New Build Steam in 2014 and beyond
This is the tenth post on New Build Steam of 2013, matching the total published in 2012 (there were more posts in 2011, as the site started with a series of overview articles for each then-current project). However, this site is a one-man operation, and in order to free up more of the editor’s time for other projects, in 2014 the news updates will be quarterly rather than every 4-6 weeks. The first of the new, longer, but less frequent, round-ups can be expected towards the end of March.

The site will continue for the long term, however: while there may not be a new build completed in 2014, that next milestone could come in 2015, and it’s very much the intention that this site should still be active to report on it. With several projects entering the final furlong, the next couple of years look set to be particularly exciting.

Alongside the site, its social media presences will be maintained (Twitter, Facebook, Google+), and photographs are still invited to the Flickr group pool. In particular, the plan is to make more regular use of Twitter to pass on news of significant developments, as has been done over the last month of 2013. So if you use social media (or perhaps feel the time has come to investigate it), make sure you follow the New Build Steam account – and remember there is a list of all new build projects known to be on Twitter.

Thanks to everyone who has read the posts, commented on them, emailed updates on the projects, followed on Twitter and liked on Facebook in 2013 – here’s to more of the same in 2014 (albeit at slightly longer intervals).