60163 Tornado

Tornado’s first moves under her own power took place on August 1st 2008, and accordingly the Trust has celebrated the same date this year as the locomotive’s fifth “birthday” (though many components were in existence for much longer, and other groups have treated the erection of frames as the point at which the locomotive is said to come into existence; others may however wish to take similar opportunities for publicity in the future!). Since then, Tornado has covered 70,000 miles and is now as old as Evening Star was at the time of its withdrawal. The Trust’s press release also refers to, “the potential of an increase to 90mph for Tornado,” but offers no further details; New Build Steam awaits news on this front with interest.

72010 Hengist
Comments left on last month’s update show how the problems recently discovered with the frame plates seem to have had the effect of spurring the team on with even more determination. A donation from a member is allowing them to have new plates manufactures, with cutting and machining due in October. Meanwhile, the planned orders for the rear combined stretcher / brake cylinder support and second combined stretcher / spring hanger bracket have now been placed.

Most of the existing parts at Shillingstone have been moved to the Midlands, and work will be completed in one more trip, after which the container previously housing the parts will be sold. Quality inspection of components currently lacking the paperwork that will be required for mainline running (by no means all of them) will then be undertaken, and regular working parties will commence at the project’s Midlands site soon.

F5 67218
The F5 group made two announcements during July, firstly that they had sought quotes for the assembly of the locomotive’s frames, and secondly that Tyseley Locomotive Works had been confirmed as the preferred supplier. Further updates are promised soon.

Worsdell G5
The G5’s open days continue on the first Saturday of each month, and photos here on Flickr show progress on the bunker.

Meanwhile, the ex-LMS brake/goods coach previously restored and earmarked as the G5’s support coach is now listed as for sale on the Rail Restorations NE Ltd website. It has bedroom, mess and kitchen areas, so should be an asset to some some project or other…

3MT 82045
Progress continues on the 3MT. Items reported in July’s typically comprehensive update include casting of the driving wheel axleboxes being underway, re-fitting of some of the front footplating now that riveting is completed, and machining of the spring brackets.

2999 Lady of Legend
The latest news update from the Saint project includes some excellent photographs of the locomotive in the open air, carrying the boiler from Barry survivor 2861, fitted as reported last month to provide a template for fitting pipework. It was on display for Didcot’s ‘Saint Day’ on July 13th.

1014 County of Glamorgan
Pictures from the project’s recent County Day show an assembly of nameplates and other memorabilia.

6880 Betton Grange
The bogie wheels have been painted, and re-assembly of the bogie will take place once re-metalling of the axleboxes has been completed.

The Night Owl website’s latest update is an interesting report on how the cylinder and saddle block from 2861 will be married to the 47xx smokebox, in the context of fitting the locomotive within Network Rail’s gauging requirements.

61662 Manchester United
The cab and recovered tender for the B17 have been partnered at the project’s base, with an improvised platform under the cab. One rear buffer, mysteriously not attached to the tender when it was found, has now been replaced.

Other ways to access New Build Steam
Many readers are keeping up to date with New Build Steam via social media: the Twitter account is edging close to one thousand followers, while the (much newer) Facebook page is approaching one hundred; there are even eighteen followers on Google Plus, which is eighteen more than might have been expected given how ill-used that platform is.

The photo pool on Flickr is still attracting occasional uploads; all photos of new build locos are welcome there. Understandably, most uploads to date have been of Tornado, but shots of other projects in progress would be particularly nice to have (and Creative Commons licensed material greatly increases its chances of use on this site!).

Finally, New Build Steam has created a Google map showing the site of each new build project covered by the site: it makes clear how spread out over the country they are, with one or two centres housing multiple projects but no area dominating the scene. In the case of sites with multiple projects, it’s necessary to zoom in to see both markers on the map. Where possible the markers have been put on the exact location where work is being carried out, but New Build Steam’s editor is now familiar with every site so please be tolerant if your local project isn’t shown in exactly the right building – hopefully all are on the right basic site.

Projects without a base for construction are not shown, and there’s no attempt to show a spread of components across the country where this is the case. In one case the site of future assembly is shown; for the F5, the marker will in due course be moved to Tyseley, but as the project currently has an established base that is where it is shown at present.