As will be obvious if you read New Build Steam by visiting the site, we’ve undergone a redesign (if you read by RSS, do pop by for a look). The old template had been in place since the site launched in 2011, and while it still looked reasonably smart and modern, in web design terms it was knocking on a bit. It’s always as well to redesign a site before it becomes obvious it’s needed.

There are technical reasons for the change as well as aesthetic ones: the new template is responsive, which means it will display on mobile and tablet devices without being unusably small or large for the screen.

As well as enjoying an updated look and feel, New Build Steam has also moved onto a wider range of social media platforms: you can now like us on Facebook and add us to your Google+ circles, as well as following us on Twitter and adding your photos to the Flickr pool.

You may also have noticed the new header graphics – there is a range of colours and designs for these, which will display at random each time the site is loaded. The graphics have been created using images by Leo Reynolds, ahisgett, Philandthehounds and tallpomlin  on Flickr, under Creative Commons licence (and are in turn available for use under the same licence).

The next news round-up will be published shortly; in the meantime, there may be a few further tweaks to the layout so please bear with us if it proves necessary.