Since the last round-up, many projects have published detailed engineering updates showing substantial progress. Before a brief outline, however, a reminder that there is a group pool on Flickr for new build projects – all pictures welcome.

32424 Beachy Head
A significant step forward for the Brighton Atlantic was taken when the driving wheels were delivered to ‘Atlantic House’. The group are not being rushed on their placement under the chassis however, which will be done only once the work requiring good access between the frames has been completed. The update carries good photographs of the wheels, and an earlier update (presumably published just after the last NBS update) has details of work on the cylinders.

45551 The Unknown Warrior
Also on the subject of wheels, the Patriot has had its crankpins quartered and fitted in what was clearly an intensive process. The pattern for the final frame stretcher has been completed: once the stretcher is ready, the frames can be riveted together, painted and wheeled. The pattern for the centre bogie has been made, and work advanced on numerous other components. This thread on National Preservation contains extensive photographs of recent progress, including on the second donor tender.

2MT 84030
A brief update dated before the last NBS update, but seemingly published after it, shows the plates that will carry the Wakefield lubricators, already painted in undercoat and awaiting drilling, then fitting to the main frames.

3MT 82045
Horn guides and blocks, axlebox guides and motion brackets are all areas in which the 3MT group has made progress recently, as outlined in more detail in their latest update. Casting of the cylinders is “hoped for” this month or next. Beyond engineering, the group has been exploring how to develop its relationship further with its host railway, the Severn Valley, for instance through the inclusion of the locomotive in the SVR’s marketing and publicity. Meanwhile, the AGM is approaching, and will be held in the Kidderminster Railway Museum on Saturday 6th April at 2pm.

72010 Hengist
The Clan’s updated website now boasts a news section, blog and RSS feed. Key headlines are February’s working trip to Riley and Sons in Bury to discuss remedial action needed on the frames before assembly, a slight delay on the manufacture of the frame stretchers and a meet-the-team summary of the project’s personnel.

6880 Betton Grange
The Grange is being readied for its wheeling in April, and the news page carries photographs of the work, including trial fitting of the axleboxes. In a comment on the previous NBS update, David Bradshaw has clarified that 6880’s connecting rods are not from one of the 4709 donors, as previously speculated.

1014 County of Glamorgan
The County group have been preparing for the machining of the main frame horn guides and axleboxes, making further progress on the cab and also holding discussions with Robert Stephenson (yes, one of those Stephensons) of Stephenson Engineering in Manchester, who was also present at the Hengist group’s visit to Rileys, about using their forge to produce various smaller components.

The Night Owl’s latest update is customarily full, and includes a firm statement that the aim is for a “complete chassis” this year, as well as numerous photos.

LNWR George the Fifth
The first payment for the smokebox door has been made, and the Trust has already begun planning for the next component to be fabricated (its identity still to be announced) and for the necessary simulation software work and due diligence to make mainline running possible. On the fundraising front, matched funding from a generous donor means that the milestones of £10,000, £20,000 and £50,000 will all bring additional injections of funding once reached. Meanwhile, reports of valve gear errors in the original design are to be investigated.

Dean Bogie single
News from Didcot is that enthusiasm is being gauged for a possible new project, this time to build a 3031 class 4-2-2 ‘Dean Bogie Single’, to bridge something of a gap in preservation between GWR’s broad gauge era and the twentieth century.

60163 Tornado
Tornado has now completed its winter maintenance and is once again out and about on the main line. A few weeks ago however, its new cylinder liners were being fitted – the Trust’s website carries fascinating and dramatic-looking pictures of the process, which involved shrinking the liners in liquid nitrogen, then fitting them and allowing them to expand into a tight fit within the cylinders.