This month’s update is being split into two parts, as many recent developments of interest have been slightly beyond the site’s regular scope. This post will cover construction progress on new build steam projects as usual.

72010 Hengist
A report of the Standard Steam Locomotive Company’s AGM has been placed online (the formal minutes are to follow), and contains plenty of interesting detail, and good insight into the intricacies of the organisational side of a new build project.

New membership levels were debated, and an update given on the website – including confirmation that all news will be posted to the members-only section three days ahead of full publication (though there is no mention of any restriction on members sharing information more widely through, for instance, their own social media presences). A small but interesting point is that the project has been given official permission to use the BR Cycling Lion emblem on its promotional materials – given by whom is not stated, but presumably the residual bodies descended from British Rail.

On the build side, a foundry has been selected for casting the frame stretchers and a verbal quote obtained. Non-destructive testing has been carried out on the frames, with satisfactory results. A preferred Certificating Body (performing the role formerly done by a Vehicle Acceptance Body) has been identified but not yet approached.

The reason for John Drew’s resignation a chairman is given as, “his wish that the Council of Managent be closer (geographically) to allow more face to face [Council] meetings.”

3MT 82045
The latest update on 82045 shows, as usual, steady progress on the build. Riveting work on the frames has continued, and pattern-making for the cylinders is reported to be in an “advanced state”. The update also discusses the considerable challenge of manufacturing the wheels and all associated components, and floats the idea of joining with another, unidentified, group which is seeking to get castings made for a rear pony truck – all subject to funding. It has also been announced that the next AGM will be held in Kidderminster Railway Museum on Saturday 6th April 2013.

A substantial update on progress has been posted to the ‘Night Owl’ project’s website – it includes photographs and plenty of rich and interesting detail. The details of stay production are a major topic, and it is also reported that the driving wheel pattern is finished.

1014 County of Glamorgan
A third project to have issued a detailed and interesting update is the County project. Of particular interest are photographs and a report on the condition of the boiler and firebox. Numerous other existing components have been located, or are being sought, including drop links, a vacuum pump and parts for the cylinder drain cock assembly.

45551 The Unknown Warrior
The Unknown Warrior project has succeeded in acquiring an apparently never-used whistle for the locomotive. It is of LNWR type and correct for a Patriot – a photograph can be seen in this post on National Preservation.

Details of how to secure a seat on the first train hauled by the Patriot have also been announced. The first 400 individuals to contribute £1500 to the build by September 2017 get a place on the first train, and about 100 people have done so or are on course to do so via a covenant. The Boiler Appeal has raised £40,000 of the £75,000 needed to buy the copper for the firebox, it has also been announced.