New Build Steam Flickr group
Photographers may wish to visit the new New Build group on Flickr, for pictures and videos of all new build projects (not just the ones covered on this site – the remit is much looser and diesel and narrow gauge projects are within scope). Things have been kicked off with a few pictures of Tornado by NBS’s editor, but there is no doubt much higher quality material out there to be had! Creative Commons content is particularly encouraged, but not compulsory. Material covering past members of classes that are being recreated by new build projects are also welcome.

Tornado 20121006 1
Tornado passes through Walthamstow Queens Road on its last run in Brunswick green, October 6th 2012.

60163 Tornado
Tornado has had its last run in its Brunswick green livery for the foreseeable future, as the A1 Trust has announced that it will be repainted into British Railways Express Passenger Blue at Southall. This is in line with the long-announced policy that the locomotive will wear all four liveries sported by the class during their working lives. Having completed the set, Tornado will next return to its previous apple green livery, which the Trust feels is the colour most strongly associated with it. Tornado is due to make its debut in blue on November 24th, on the Cathedrals Express to Ludlow and Shrewsbury.

In other news, the Trust has described recent work to rebuild the locomotive’s firebox arch as “not a complete success” after air bubbles trapped in the concrete expanded when it was hot, and caused damage. An improved arch, with air bubbles removed by a “high-frequency vibrator,” is being prepared. As well as the repaint, Tornado’s October/November maintenance period will also include the fitting of new superheater elements.

P2 2007
An update has been issued on the feasibility study being conducted by the A1 Trust into building a new P2 Mikado. It has previously been announced that the work, by DeltaRail, comprisees three phases:

  1. creating a validated computer model of Tornado, for comparison and proof of concept
  2. creating a computer model of a P2 as built
  3. improving and optimising the model to provide an acceptable performance.

An update given at the Trust’s annual convention by Graham Nicholas, quality and certification director of the Trust and Owen Evans of DeltaRail, announced that the first phase had been completed and the second phase has enjoyed considerable progress. A1 Steam Locomotive Trust chairman Mark Allatt commented: “We are examining the commercial, engineering and certifications challenges that we would face in completing that development work to make a new P2 a success. Anyone wishing to play a part in this exciting venture should come on board as one of our Covenantors if they are not already.”

8783 Phoenix
Staying with LNER locomotives, the Claud Hamilton group has announced some progress, including obtaining quotes for the bogie wheels and converting numerous drawings to CAD. A programme of events to raise funds is being planned for next year.

3MT 82045
The latest update from the 3MT project details progress on the liner plates around the four chassis lifting holes and the process of riveting the smokebox saddle into the chassis.

2MT 84030
A brief update on the 2MT details progress on the “conventional overhaul” aspect of the project, notably the refurbishment of the engine’s lubricators.

72010 Hengist
A report on the company’s AGM, held on September 16th, is due to be published in the November Clan News (which appears to be available to supporters of the project only – corrections gladly received if this is not the case). It has however been confirmed on the National Preservation forum that the company’s chairman has stepped down, in what appears to have been a planned and expected move rather than a new twist for the project.

45551 The Unknown Warrior
Some interesting updates on the Patriot project have been posted on the National Preservation forum, although not all the details appear to have made it onto its website or blog yet. The final frame stretcher patter has been finished and is due to be cast soon; two of the wheelsets have been assembled by South Devon Railway Engineering at Buckfastleigh with the third – the leading set, with crank axle – on its way; all three sets will then have tyres, crank pins, and balance weights fitted; an order has been placed with LNWR Crewe for the smokebox.

LNWR George the Fifth
The George the Fifth project have issued a news item containing a tease about their first new component, due to be ordered shortly. Apparently it is not a name or number plate, but beyond that we are being kept guessing!

1014 County of Glamorgan
An update on progress with the County seems to have been posted just after the last NBS update. It notes that while there are delays in some areas, such as machining the axlebox jigs and tender horns/axleboxes, progress continues well in others, notably the cab and on work to strip the boiler and open up the firebox at Crewe.