August has largely been a month of steady progress for many projects, complemented by announcements of numerous meetings at which the people behind the new builds can be met in person.

72010 Hengist
The Standard Steam Locomotive Company has announced details of its 2012 AGM: it will be held on September 15th 2012 at the Kidderminster Railway Museum, from 14:00. It is open to the public, though of course only members can vote.

Worsdell G5
Two more open days have been announced for this project, on September 1st and October 6th, following the success of the event on August 4th.

LNWR George the Fifth
As outlined in the comments on the last round-up, there is plenty of behind the scenes work on the George the Fifth project, including online progress on donations and social media. The trust will also have a stand at the Llangollen gala on September 1st and 2nd.

1014 County of Glamorgan
Further to the last round-up, the boiler intended for the County is now at LNWR in Crewe. A small correction to the last post: as David Bradshaw rightly pointed out, while the donor 8F was LNER-built that doesn’t mean the boiler was, as we had suggested last time.

2999 Lady of Legend
There has been plenty of progress on the new Saint, which has a new front tubeplate delivered, machined and ready to fit, new boiler tubes on site and a largely re-stayed firebox. Work has also progressed on the frames of the tender, for which a new tank will be fabricated.

Gresley B17
Back in April the B17 Trust’s (ie the non-Footballer B17 project) web presence had vanished and there seemed to be cause for concern about the future of the project. Happily John Peat dropped by and left a comment confirming that the site is now back online and work progressing – the link has now been reinstated on the left-hand side.

6880 Betton Grange
A new newsletter from the Grange project contains abundant detail about the undeniably spectacular Steam, Steel and Stars gala, and also an engineering update outlining progress on the frames and wheels, and looking forward to the cylinder castings.

60163 Tornado
The A1 Trust’s website carries the remarkable news story (you need to scroll down a bit) of the emergency fabrication of a small plug on the cylinder drain cock on the middle cylinder – all done in a matter of hours while the locomotive was working the royal train!

3MT 82045
Progress on the 3MT is as ever updated on its website, including news in June that pattern making for the cylinders is underway, and temporary dismantling of frame stretchers has revealed some rusting (but evidently nothing of major concern)