60163 Tornado
Tornado found itself double-heading with its immediate predecessor as a British-built mainline express steam locomotive, 71000 Duke of Gloucester, on the Tamar Devonian, on July 28th. Its involvement arose from the non-availability of 70000 Britannia.

72010 Hengist
The Hengist project has announced that it has secured the Great Central Railway as its future base (sharp-eyed readers will have spotted the announcement in a comment on this site, for which thanks to John Drew). The locomotive’s components will be moved to the railway once the frames have been erected and tested in Bury by Riley and Son, which may be as much as two years away. Initial testing of the locomotive, once complete, is also due to take place at the GCR.

1014 County of Glamorgan
There have been significant developments for the County, perhaps the most eye-catching relating to its boiler. A major bequest is being used to undertake modifications to the former 8F boiler earmarked for the locomotive (project member David Bradshaw has twice posted on New Build Steam to point out that it is not a new boiler – we’ve never said otherwise, and it’s a point we’re happy to emphasise). The approach remains somewhat controversial however, for two reasons: firstly, the boiler is the only surviving LNER-built example, and secondly it has been asked whether a brand new boiler might not be equally or more cost-effective. Nonetheless, the project’s future course has been very clearly set. The first of five contracts has been placed with LNWR Crewe to start the work.

This update includes plentiful detail on the boiler, and on further progress including on the new cab sides.

2999 Lady of Legend
The moving of 1014’s boiler to Crewe necessitated a movement of 2999 Lady of Legend out of the works. Other news for the Saint includes the pressing of the new front tubeplate, trial fitting of the coupling rods and an appeal for further volunteers to help with descaling the interior of the boiler barrel.

45551 The Unknown Warrior
A second Fowler tender has been purchased by the Patriot group: the existing tender, from Barry, is in poor condition but between the two it is expected that all or nearly all of the necessary components to construct a tender of mainline standard can be gathered.

The project was also featured in a report on ITV News Wales on July 8th, which featured interviews with George Jones and Dave Owen, and can be viewed online.

2MT 84030
An update on this project is available in its latest newsletter – unfortunately it has proved unwilling to open on the NBS computer, but others have apparently succeeded in accessing it.

3MT 82045
Another month of progress on the 3MT tank 82045: the frame structure is being disassembled to prepare it for riveting, which is being planned; and casting of the wheels is expected to take place early next year subject to fundraising continuing at a healthy pace. As ever, the website contains substantially more detail.

6880 Betton Grange
The Grange’s wheels have now been painted; re-wheeling the chassis must still await the preparation of the axelboxes among other items of work.

32424 Beachy Head
The latest update on the Brighton Atlantic shows the chassis sitting on the bogie and trailing wheels, with the driving wheels awaited from Riley’s in Bury.

2001 Cock o’ the North
The Doncaster P2 Locomotive Trust have issued an appeal for mechanical engineers and draughtsmen to work on drawings for the engine. A background in machine shops is desired; details are available on the project’s Facebook page.

G5 1759
As the G5 project makes its push towards completion – might it be fair to call it the favourite to be the next new locomotive to steam? – it has given its web presence a major and rather impressive overhaul. A new website can be found here, with abundant pictures and detail on progress to date, in addition to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr accounts. A graphic on the site appears to show the number 1759 – is this the engine’s intended designation? New Build Steam has been unable to locate confirmation of this on the new site so far, but could have missed it…

Additionally, the group is holding an open day on Saturday August 4th, from 10am to 12:30pm. Admission is free, and the address you need is RRNEL Unit 8A, Hackworth Industrial Park, Shildon, DL4 1HF.

F5 67218
A viewing gallery for components of the F5 has been established at the Mangapps Railway Museum, which is accessible to all visitors to the museum.

P2 2007
An update on the feasibility study for the A1 Trust P2 was published in the spring, which includes detail of how data gathered during Tornado’s initial mainline testing in November 2008 is being used to develop a computer model that can be used to assess the prospects of the P2’s performance

L1s various
The Thompson L1 build is now not going ahead: the project’s suspension was announced on Facebook, and its website has been taken down.

A second L1 project has appeared online however (website and Facebook), this time of the Southern variety. This development has been greeted with scepticism in some quarters, and New Build Steam will not, for the time being, be including any L1 project in the links section to the left.