45551 The Unknown Warrior
An appeal for funds to construct the Patriot’s boiler has been launched with an event at LNWR Heritage Ltd in Crewe, who will be constructing the boiler. Construction is planned to begin next year subject to enough funds being raised.

Project Chairman David Bradshaw left an update on this site covering several developments, though under the August 2011 update so visitors may not have seen it. The motion parts acquired from scrapped Jubilees – the two classes had virtually the same motion – have been delivered and the outstanding connecting rod forging was due for delivery by the end of May. With smaller items also due for delivery, this will take the locomotive’s motion to 80% completion; all the items necessary for wheeling the engine have been acquired and machining, David reports, is progressing well.

6880 Betton Grange
The driving wheels have had tyres fitted at the South Devon Railway, and the cranks have been quartered. The next stage is for the Vehicle Acceptance Body to inspect the work, the wheels to be returned to Llangollen and the balance weights to be adjusted to the needs of use under a Grange.

2001 Cock o’ the North
The Doncaster P2 Locomotive Trust has re-vamped its website after a period of radio silence, and set up a Facebook group on which future news updates will be published.

1014 County of Glamorgan
The April update on the County project reports that the bogie reassembly has been completed and work continues on the main frames, boiler and gauging issues. Details and photographs are available on the project site.

2999 Lady of Legend
The latest update on the Saint shows plenty of progress. A new front tubeplate is due for delivery this summer, using the old one as a guide. Other new items have been manufactured, including whistle valves and a smokebox lubrication distributor. Work is underway on buffers and dragboxes – there are abundant details, and pictures, on the project website.

LNWR King George the Fifth
The LNWR George the Fifth Steam Locomotive Trust has launched its new website, with more content and functionality to come in the months ahead. The Trust will also be at Railfest next weekend.

Worsdell G5
The boiler launch event at Rail Restorations North East on May 12th appears to have been blessed with good weather, judging from the pictures now available online.

3MT 82045
The 3MT’s May update reports predictably reliable progress, with the manganese liner plates now machined, injector support brackets made and work finished or commenced on numerous other items.

The funding appeal for the casting of the wheels is proceeding well, with quotes for the job due to be sought shortly. Production of the cylinders is still expected late this year or early next.

The frames of the ‘Night Owl’ have been set up in the works at Llangollen, with the extension frames from 4115 set up at the front.