It’s been a while since there was last an update on this site, but many of the new build projects have reported progress since then, summarised below. As ever, corrections or notifications of omissions are welcome.

72010 Hengist
The period of change in the leadership of this project has been drawn to a close with its AGM, held in Loughborough on September 17th. It confirmed the Council of Management elected at the EGM in May, with two new additions. The next priority is the casting of the frame stretchers and assembly of those with the other components currently in existence. A home for the assembly of the locomotive is sought, with a reported three options being under serious consideration.

3MT 82045
The group’s latest news update details continuing progress, including with the front footplating and the drilling of holes into the smokebox saddle. Support brackets for the water tanks have recently been delivered and affixed to the chassis. The update also features a striking photo of 60163 Tornado passing the assembled chassis on its recent visit to the SVR.

8783 Phoenix
The Phoenix group are now among the relatively few new build groups on Twitter (please point out any not being followed by New Build Steam and that will be rectified!). They have also announced a novel ‘twinning’ with the project to recreate a V499 2-8-0 in Australia, showing that new build projects are not unique to the UK. The group will be obtaining further drawings from the NRM later this month.

32424 Beachy Head
As luck would have it, a substantial update on progress on the Brighton Atlantic appears to have been published just after the last update on this site. It has plenty of photographs, and shows progress on the smokebox saddle and reverser mechanism.

1014 County of Glamorgan
A significant development has occurred on this project, with the acceptance of the driving wheels from Riley’s in Bury. More details in the group’s August and September updates.

Steam on the ECML
Further to the item in the previous update, Network Rail has indeed confirmed that it is not permitting weekday steam railtours on the East Coast Main Line. Pathing issues appear not to be the main issue, however: lineside fires blamed on 30777 Sir Lamiel are instead being presented as the reason. Specifically this seems to mean mainly tours out of or into London – workings just touching the ECML, for instance at and around York, may well not be affected. It remains to be seen whether the same policy will be extended to other routes. Could future new build locomotives be looked on more kindly if, as Tornado seems to have shown, they are more reliable than vintage machines? Or might steam railtours on express routes be a thing of the past by the time the next new build capable of operating one is completed (assuming one ultimately is)?

LMS 10000
While this site has a very clearly-defined scope, it does occasionally give a nod to projects outside its remit, including narrow gauge and overseas new builds, preserved locomotives or indeed diesel projects. So, while it won’t be covered here on an ongoing basis, it’s still of interest to note the project by the Ivatt Diesel Recreation Society to build a new version of the LMS’s pioneer diesel locomotive number 10000. Details on this website.