This was originally intended to be the June update, but other projects intervened – apologies for the delay. Depending on items to report, there may be a second July update later in the month.

GCR 567
The project to construct this GCR locomotive was formally launched at the (modern) GCR Golden Oldies event, over the spring bank holiday. An original GCR tender has been located for use, of which the frames and running gear look usable, and fittings possible salvageable, with a new tank needed. More details on how to support the project are available on their website.

8783 Phoenix
The Claud Hamilton Locomotive Group, although they have not yet formally launched the project, have announced a change of name for the locomotive, from Lady Hamilton to Phoenix. It’s perhaps inevitable that this name would be given to an example of a resurrected class, and now we know which it will be, although New Build Steam is a bit dubious about whether the name Lady Hamilton would have been too closely associated with Nelson’s mistress, as the Group claimed as one of several reasons for the change, or indeed whether this would have been a problem…

F5 67218
The F5 group has published a news update, with plans for the plates and mid-frame stretcher.

3MT 82045
With frame assembly nearing completion, an appeal has been launched to fund the wheels of the locmotive. Details are available here.  The aim is for work to start in the second half of 2012, at a total estimated cost £150,000. An interim target is to produce the pony truck and wheels first, at roughly £40,000, to give a practical rolling chassis.

72010 Hengist
A full statement on the company’s EGM is now available: