LNWR Bloomer 670

A project so far missing from these pages has been the replica of an LNWR ‘Bloomer’ under construction at Tyseley. It is in fact one of the oldest new build projects (perhaps the oldest? New Build Steam is reluctant to stick its neck out and make a definitive claim – it is sure to be hotly contested), apparently dating back to the late 1980s when work began on both this non-working replica and a working locomotive. Perhaps because of its slow pace and pre-internet (not to mention pre-Tornado, it seems) origins, there is little information available online about the project.

Nonetheless work is progressing at Tyseley, albeit when allowed by higher priority projects, and the boiler has been in existence since 1987 (an all-welded steel design). The tender is drawn from several original LNWR examples.



    • Not so, Harry – if you check for articles mentioning this project, you’ll see it was revived last year, with a major announcement about plans for completing it reported on these pages last August.

  1. The Tyseley Bloomer has been far to long in the making. I first saw it many years ago I Classic Steam, longing to see it in steam I am getting much older so speed it up please. Just found address for contribution’s its on the way

  2. They’re different items, though my understanding the non-working replica (the one you saw) arose from the same project as the working locomotive that’s still under construction, 20-odd years on…

  3. A few years ago I had to visit Milton Keynes. Outside the station I found a full size replica of a LNWR Bloomer, which I’ve always assumed to be the one that was constructed at Tyseley. Is this the case, or are the two replicas different locomotives?

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