This is a project to recreate a locomotive that is, “externally indistinguishable,” from the Great Central Railway’s class 2 (later LNER D7) 4-4-0. This is an 1880s design, and therefore a relatively rare pre-grouping addition to the ranks of the new build projects. The caveat about the engine being externally indistinguishable from the originals may be significant however: the project group appear to be proposing to use an existing boiler, from the same sources as that of the Brighton Atlantic, which is not to the same design as the D7s originally had (corrections welcome if this isn’t right – there appears to have been some discussion about building a new boiler).

As well as the boiler, a cylinder block and tender chassis have been located, so many significant components are already in place. The project currently lacks a website (they’re currently looking for  volunteers to build one, if a reader is interested…), but can be found on Facebook.