72010 Hengist

What is it?
Back now to one of the big engines, and possibly the most ambitious project bar the A1 but one which seems to enjoy a lot of visible support online. When British Railways was created it set about designing new ‘standard’ designs of locomotives to work alongside the multitude of designs inherited from its private sector predecessors. The Class 7 pacific engines, the Britannias, were the flagships of the projects, emerging as successful express engines. Their prototype Class 8 successor 71000 Duke of Gloucester was a famous failure that came good in preservation, while the Class 6 ‘Clan’ pacifics were… well, forgotten really. Only ten were built, and are among the classes of locomotive that worked well under their regular crews, but about which few other people seemed to have much of a good word to say.

Status: quite a lot of components seem to have been fabricated recently, with progress towards the frames underway. An appeal to fund the cylinders was announced this month.

Possible completion date: not given

Website: http://72010-hengist.org


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