What is it?
This is probably the most recently-announced project, easily one of the most ambitious and, without wishing to be uncharitable, perhaps one of the least likely to succeed (although if anyone who knows better would like to put us right, please do so in the comments below). The project was launched as recently as 2008, with the stated aim of building not one but two B17 4-6-0 locomotives – pretty big things! The idea was for one to be a static exhibit, and the other to operate on the main line, with one taking the name of former class member Sandringham, and the other being named after a football club (to be announced – presumably the idea was to get some sponsorship).

Very sadly, the project still seemed to be at the stage of looking at drawings and mainline  accreditation when their project engineer died, with no components made. No further updates have been published on the project’s website since then.

Possible completion date: not given.

Website: http://www.sandringham-loco.com/