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This is the last GWR project overview – back to other things with the next post! The GWR’s 2-8-0 28xx goods engines are among the most numerous class of preserved locomotives in the country, but their faster 47xx cousins are extinct. This project aims to recreate one using parts cannibalised from three of the ‘Barry Ten’ – the ten locomotives that were not originally rescued from Barry scrapyard and instead have hung around for years without any real prospect of restoration. There is talk – but no planning – to use the same source of components to recreate GWR ‘County’ 4-4-0 and ‘County tank’ 4-4-2 locomotives at some point in the future. For the 47xx in the meantime, the main thing that cannot be obtained from the Barry carcasses is the not inconsiderable matter of a boiler…


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  1. Re 4709 – the frame plates are now set up in the works at Llangollen with the extension frames from 4115 set up at the front. The nearly completed 5’8″ wheel pattern (for the remaining wheelset) was on display during SSS3.

    Re a possible Churchward County 4-4-0, the following parts have been retained from 4115/5227/2861 – No 4 boiler, 4 axleboxes, 8 hornguides 2 bogie wheelsets plus a Churchward 3500 gallon tender still located at Barry.

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