1014 County of Glamorgan

County class 1013 'County of Dorset' Swindon shed. 26 April 1964
Photo courtesy of ricsrailpics on Flickr, all rights reserved.

What is it?
A GWR 4-6-0 – as if we don’t have enough of those, you might think. Well, these were among the very latest of them, introduced in 1945. The locomotive was based on the existing Hall class, with a boiler very closely based on that of the Stanier 8F (built at Swindon during the war, despite being an LMS design); initially the County was intended as a test-bed for a GWR pacific that never emerged. This recreation project is somewhat controversial, as the ex-Barry 8F being dismembered to donate the boiler is the only surviving LNER-built example. However, work is underway and it won’t survive much longer. The frames are being adapted from an unrestored Hall. This locomotive will not be the ‘next’ member of the class; instead, it will bear the identity of a previously extant locomotive. Given the extensive re-use of components from other engines, including some smaller items salvaged from other Counties, that might be fair enough.

Status: Frames in existence, many components machined and fitted but wheels delayed. Boiler exists but requires re-build and restoration.

Possible completion date: not given

Website: http://www.gwcountyproject.org.uk/



  1. The County project does not involve a new boiler as it will have a new barrel and smokebox fitted to the existing firebox. The frames from 7927 have been used and the boiler off that engine has gone for use on Betton Grange. 4942 Maindy Hall provided the frames, bogie and boiler for 2999. Please try and give accurate information. 45551 The unknown Warrior now has a set of 6 driving wheels, 2 crank webs, six axleboxes, 12 spring hangers and spring hanger brackets and the axles, tyres and crankpin material.

    • Not sure what your problem is David – this post explicitly states that the County project does not involve a new boiler. I’ll admit I’ve got the destinations of a couple of ex-Hall components mixed up and, as the site repeatedly states, I’m happy to take corrections on matters of that sort (and have amended this post). But please, in future, no more snippy comments like, “Please try and give accurate information,” as if somehow I don’t already.

  2. Thanks Mike – I’ll be happy to include any info you’d like to ping over in the next update (probably September) if a progress report would be timely, or do something more extensive if there’s a big omission in what’s here already. newbuildsteam @ yahoo .co.uk is the address.

  3. […] What is it? This is not quite a new build and not quite a rebuild: the Brighton Atlantics were express locomotives that took trains from London to Brighton in an hour – no mean feat for 1911. This project will recreate one, using a boiler and some other components that have been assembled from various disparate sources. A second boiler from the same source is due to form the basis of an GCR class 2  (LNER D7) 4-4-0, with a separate post to follow on that (though an update on this has helpfully already been added to the comments on this post). […]

  4. Thanks for the update Mike – there will be a post on the class 2 towards the end of the series of overviews (in fact I think it will be the final one – sorry, but someone has to go last!). I did read a report that the boiler was going to a Midland 4-4-0 project instead, but couldn’t find any more information on that – I take it that report was erroneous?

    • I have just picked up your email dated 19th Feb. I have no knowledge of current options for the boiler at Mangapps, there having been widley proclaimed plans for the construction of an M&GN replica some time ago, which came to nought. Our thinking has moved forward on the matter of boilers, and we have costed overhaul of the Mangapps boiler as well as new build. Whilst we have not totally discounted the Mangapps boiler, our favoured route is a new round top boiler, this in no small part because costs of the alternatives are little different.

      We will be pleased to provide a more detailed resume of the development of the project should you wish to include it on your website.

  5. The project to build a GCR Class 2 is making steady progress with the recent purchase of a genuine GC tender. The chassis will be reused complete and a new tender tank fabricated using some salvaged parts form the old tender tank including copings hand rails and lamp irons. Work is proceeding on the design and detailing of the locomotive chassis.

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